helps visually impaired people in urban personal autonomy

Persona usa di notte in strada il bastone bianco luminoso LETIsmart

Your city is talking to you. Informative and interactive radio devices (TAGs) implemented on strategic points, such as intersections, traffic lights, bus stops, offices and even shops will signal you where you are and how to move. LETIsmart VOCE will help you take buses and taxis and will remember your favourite routes. All this in a simple way, replacing only the handle of your current white cane.

How It's Made

Persona attraversa la strada di notte con bastone bianco luminoso LETIsmart

LETIsmart VOCE is a light and ergonomic handle that you can replace on your current white cane. It is connected via radio to a series of signalers that will be installed in your city. You can make it work by pressing two simple buttons. It speaks to you through a speaker placed on the upper part of the handle or, if you prefer, you can connect it to your headphones.

A smart city

Bastone bianco LETIsmart luce

LETIsmart VOCE works thanks to a system of radio locators installed around the city, in the most important places. These antennas are able to talk to your LETIsmart VOICE. The more signalers your city decides to install, the easier it will be to move independently.

A world that speaks with you

Dettaglio della punta del bastone bianco LETIsmart e del microcircuito che sta al suo interno

When you walk through the smart city, LETIsmart VOCE will vibrate to warn you that it's about to talk to you. It will indicate the proximity of intersections, traffic lights, bus stops and any other place where a signal has been installed, for example work in progress that prevents passage.

Know exactly where it is!

Dettagllio dell'alloggiamento della batteria del kit LETIsmart luce

When LETIsmart VOCE tells you what you have around, at the touch of a button you will be able to make the nearby signalers play a directional impulse sound so that you can locate them precisely.

Getting on buses and taxis becomes easier

loghi ANIOMAP, IRIFOR e Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli ipovedenti

LETIsmart VOCE changes the way you travel on buses and taxis. It tells you the stops, tells you the number of the bus that is coming, makes the ascent door ring so that you can reach it precisely. It also allows you to remotely warn the driver that there is a person with visual impairment at the stop, so that he pays more attention when he stops. LETIsmart VOICE also remembers the paths that you usually do, and warns you when your bus arrives. It also works with taxis.

Simplicity first of all


LETIsmart VOCE is designed to be easy to use. You immediately learn to use it. It is very light and replaces the handle of your favorite stick. It does not need computer or internet, it works without gps. The battery lasts all day and is easily recharged, just like a cell phone.

Dettaglio della punta del bastone bianco LETIsmart Dettaglio del microcircuito che sta al suo interno


Dettaglio della punta del bastone bianco LETIsmart

LETIsmart VOCE colored and in pocket version will be available at the end of 2019.

A cutting-edge result


LETIsmart VOCE was born from the idea of Marino Attini, president of the Trieste section of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and expert in consumer electronics, and SCEN, a leading company in the microelectronics sector. SCEN's vast experience in military, medical and aerospace technologies and its important cooperations around the world give your LETIsmart VOCE stick unique characteristics. The result is a highly technological product, simple and affordable for everyone.

Tested and certified

loghi ANIOMAP, IRIFOR e Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli ipovedenti

LETIsmart VOCE has been tested and certified by the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, by I.RI.Fo.R (Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation in Visual Disability) and by ANIOMAP (National Association for Mobility Guidance Instructors) personal autonomy), the most important realities operating in the visual disability.

How can I get LETIsmart VOCE?

Dettaglio della punta del bastone bianco LETIsmart

You can (very soon) buy it at our official retailer and service center:

  • Cambratech

    +39 0321 51 80 18


    Via G. Carducci 35/B

    28062 Cameri (NO) - Italia

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